Vintage motobecane bikes

We carry new and restored used bikes in all price ranges. We have a bike for almost any adult or can get one for you. View stock. Shop now. Our service department is among the very best around, and most simple repair jobs can be done while you wait.

Get prices. Sizes from 47 to 63 cm. Restorations include complete disassembly and inspection. The head set, bottom bracket, and hub bearing systems are disassembled, inspected, cleaned, greased, and adjusted. Wheels are trued, spokes tensioned, new rim strips, tubes and tires installed. Worn parts get replaced as needed. The frame is cleaned and polished. Choose one of ours or bring in you own. Every bike we sell comes with a one-year warranty on parts, and FREE lifetime labor and service.

That means if you get a flat, you only pay for the new tube or tire. If your chain wears out, you only pay for the replacement part. Wednesday 12 — 6, Thursday 12 — 5, Friday 12 — 5, Saturday 10 — 5, Sunday 12 — 4. Friends of Audubon Park.

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Some of Our Restored Bikes. Eddy Merckx. Alan 53 cm.

Pre-1970 Motobecane

Centurian Pro Tour. Schwinn Sting Ray. Soma Rush. Raleigh Super Course. Gitane Professional. Colnago Super. Raleigh 3-speed Sport 57cm. Trek Schwinn Schwinn Super LeTour Raleigh Prestige.Updated 9.

Later it became as "MBK. An elegant b woman's "Berceau" cradle style bike circa s. As seen on eBay, courtesy Bob Hansen. Scott Gabriel's Team Champion. Jerry Moos' Grand Record. Mid s Team Champion. Luis Ocana's Tour de France Motobecane. During the USA Bike boom of the s, some of the most popular models were:. The Nomad: A basic "sports touring" bike competing with the Raleigh Record.

The Grand Touring: A sporty "day touring" model using 3 tubes Vitus chrome moly The Sprint: A pseudo racing model wih tighter geometry. Competed with Gitane Interclub. The Jubilee : A very refined bike with Nervex lugs and Reynolds tubing. Mostly French components incl. Stronglight 49, Jubilee derailleurs, etc. The Grand Record: Partial Campy, db, Nervex lugs and a distinctive black paint with red head tube and seat bands.

Le Champion: Top model with road race geometry, more refined workmanship. Various top European components, later becoming full Campy. Often shared frame set with Team Champion. Team Champion: No holds barred handcrafted racing model. Usually full Campagnolo. Appeared to be made by different "hands.Washington Escondido CA www. We need to make room for the new models and have priced our left-over Vespas's as low as we can.

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For sale; Motobecane Moped. Starts ,runs good. Currently licensed and insured. Lite and horn work. You come see, you payyou take. Puch maxi moped complete but not running. Have a few other mopeds I would Consider selling as well. Some running some not.

vintage motobecane bikes

A few Puchs, Garelli, motobecaneHonda Pa For sale, Motobecane Model 7 moped. Has compression and spark, but the engine is not running. I want to sell this bike because I have other pressing projects to complete. Garelli Monza GT Moped for sale. Registered as class C moped. No insurance, motorcycle license or helmet required.

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Excellent condition. Runs perfectly. No motorcycle license and no insurance required. Contact me for any. Puch Magnum Moped for sale. Title in hand. Runs perfect. Just rebuilt. All upgrades listed below. No trades. Make me a reasonable offer. Are you mechanically inclined?Look to see if the bike says "Made in France" anywhere on it. You'll also need to determine the model which is usually along the top tube of the bike. If not, you'll need to provide the serial number so we can determine the year of manufacture.

There are 2 Motobecane versions currently sold now- one is sold only in Europe and one sold only in North America.

They are both made in Asia but have different features. The French made models are pretty old and with the exception of a couple of models the Jubilee and the Tour de France aren't worth much. When bike get old they typically don't improve in value, rather the values tend to plummet in direct relation to their age and condition.

Again, there are exceptions but are few and far between. The money for any French made Motobecane is in the frame material. Frame materials are Columbus, Reynolds and Vitus Bikes made with those frame materials are highly collectable. This is from the bicycle site Old Roads: Serial number dating information for Motobecane's is very scarce. The best way to date a Moto is by the design and tubing used on the frame, the decals, paint scheme, components and component date codes.

I love when people without a single clue try to give advice on vintage bike values. It's quite entertaining. Answer Save. Billy Bob 6 months ago Report. Matthew Lv 4. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. This Site Might Help You. RE: how do i find the year of my motobecane bike? Still have questions?

Get your answers by asking now.Contact Us. Order by:.

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Available to:. Motobecane Mixte Motocomfort B Bicycle. French Vintage Bicycle s Motobecane. Top Tube Center- Center: 58 cm. Standover: 85 cm. Worldwide shipping! If you can't wait- Express shipping available. Thx for looking! Motobecane Nomade mens road touring bicycle mans vintage 10 speed racing bike. Motobecane Nomade mens road touring bicycle mans vintage 10 speed racing bik e! This listing is for a Vintage. Rewax, French Threaded, 25x1 Headset. With a This Headset will fit all entry level French Threaded bicycles.

New Old Stock,so virtually perfect condition. These were made to be used on all make French bicycles. Bearings not inclued. Vintage bicycle parts are exactly that. They are old- whether new or used. Unlike fine wine or cheese. They do not improve with age. Bicycle parts are not stored in climate controlled rooms or vaults. They were never works of art. They were practical, usable items.

They can have dust, dirt, bugs, oxidation, etc. If you have any questions, always ask. PayPal only auction. We ship fast via USPS within hours of payment. Payment should be made within hours of auction end.Contact Us.

Order by:. Available to:. Velo Peugeot Vintage Enfant vintage old bike. Autographed F.

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Eroica Vintage Motobecane Reynolds Frameset was media blasted. Note the domed ends opposed to fishmouth for dropouts. More common n Motobecanes of this period. Other features are not common for conclusive Motobecane. Go figure! The challenge stems from the fact that most of the larger European brands interchanged parts, components and models based on availability.

Historically common practice for the period. But if for any reason you have questions or would like additional photos. We try to keep everything simple.

Motobecane 1970s Classic Road Bicycle

No hassles plus fast, free lower 48 states shipping. Thanks for looking. This item is available to I nternational B. Motobecane Equipe Pro vintage 's racing bike. Vintage Motobecane road bike Ladies size Vintage ladies Motobecane road bike.Prior to me, it was owned by an old wrencher and friend here in Portland. I purchased the bike from him in as my first, serious, road bike. I only know that I loved to ride it so I took it out on dry days to pound the pavement or open it up on a long stretching blacktop.

After a ride, I heard it was best to keep the drivetrain as clean as possible, so I would wipe down that and the frame. After every…single…ride. As time went on, I learned more about sizing and realized that the reason I felt sore after rides was because the fit of the Motobecane was not even close to what I should be riding. I am a firm believer that a functional bike should be ridden and not put up as a museum piece unless it actually belongs in a museum.

Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Josh Capps and The Simplicity of Vintage Cycles with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

You sold your bike. What a pretty cycle.

The Road to Happiness

So sorry to hear about your accident I hope you are ok and healing! Thanks for the comments and yes, sadly, I sold the Motobecane. Boy, was she a looker! If only my touring bike was so lucky! Wow — what a lovely bike. Now I have a better idea of what you were talking about at Pedal Nation.

I would have had a very hard time letting that one go, especially if it fit me.

vintage motobecane bikes

It was good to meet you and talk at the bike show and Velo Cult G. Great to hear from you, Mike! I was sad to let the Motobecane go but it was time someone else enjoyed the ride. Happy riding! Hello, I just hopped over to your website thru StumbleUpon. Not somthing I might generally read, but I enjoyed your views none the less. Thank you for creating something worth reading through. This is the one bicycle that I sold that I still am on the fence about when it comes to regrets. The buyer, who took it away years ago now, broke my heart with how they said they were going to store it outdoors!

Regrets on selling and regrets on the buyer who took her away is a bad combination of pain in my heart. The only proof I have of it coming into my life is displayed here on the website.

Thanks for the comments and enjoy your restoration! Please do send images after it has gone through its transformation. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

vintage motobecane bikes

Notify me of new posts via email. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Pre Motobecane This Motobecane has a long proud history. Apparently, my neurosis for cleanliness and preventive care is an ingrained element.

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