Oracle grid infrastructure 19c compatibility matrix

A long while ago I blogged about whether you should keep your patch versions between Grid Infrastructure and Databases Homes in synchor not. Since Oracle 18c we move from a 5-number release schema to a 3-number one.

But I bet you can name at least 99 examples where 4 or even 5 numbers are used.

oracle grid infrastructure 19c compatibility matrix

And the recent patches added a 8-digit-number to the end, e. Well …. Anyhow, let me repeat what MOS Note: The last line is the crucial one. But being honest, I have a good number of customers who are happy with the GI version and its stability at a certain patch level, but need to keep the databases homes up to date more frequently because of the security patches.

Now with Oracle Database 18c and 19c, the release numbering schema changed. And initially, there was no use for the 4th digit as it was meant to have 3 numbers only. The text in MOS Note: Please see MOS Note: Tags: We got hit by this is, when apply the CVE fix for Using the 18c guidelines we thought we were safe to just upgrade the database as we are at GI Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. I agree.

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Install 12C Grid Infrastructure/ASM and Database in Virtualbox

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Previous Next JavaScript must be enabled to correctly display this content. Title and Copyright Information. Government, then the following notice is applicable: U.Register and Participate in Oracle's online communities. Learn from thousand of experts, get answers to your questions and share knowledge with peers. I am planning to build a 3-node production RAC cluster. My shop only has RAC clusters built on It has been a while since I built a RAC cluster.

If you wish to try the newer ASM Filter driver you need to read the documentation. The installation can be somewhat confusing if you have not done the installation before. I suggest you try in a virtual environment like Virtualbox first to get some experience.

Complexity often depends on what you are more familiar with. I was not aware that ASMlib is still available for the current releases; so thank you for this information.

Below is the output of oracleasm querydisk from a server which is very similair to the one I am going to use for the upcoming build. The physical server has multiple HBA cards. There are 14 of them! However, In order for this to work, you need to make sure you install the oracleasmlib software, which is not open source and a separate download.

The oracleasm querydisk output I showed is from a These names are generated by the Linux kernel due to the multipath configuration. Otherwise, it will use the first device it finds and device failover will not work.

Error: You don't have JavaScript enabled.

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This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Welcome to Oracle Communities.If you are running Oracle RAC, then configuring the shared storage is one of the main preinstallation tasks that needs to be done. You need to configure multipathing and make sure that the device name that will be used for ASM is always the same.

And you must set permissions and ownership for these devices.

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On Linux you can use ASMlib for that. It stamps the devices so that it can identify them, provides an unique and consistent name for ASM and sets propper permissions for the devices. So that is a good thing and I wanted to use it for a new cluster that I should set up. And that is where the trouble starts. You can read that in the Automatic Storage Management Docs.

Oracle Database 19c

It states the following:. After installation? But I need it right from the beginning to use it for my initial disk group. How about that? First step is to install Grid Infrastructure as a software only installation.

That implies that you have to do it on all nodes that should form the future cluster. I did that on the first node, saved the response file and did a silent install on the other nodes.

You see that with the latest OPatch version there is no need to create an ocm. Configure Restart? Do that on all nodes of the future cluster. After Restart was configured, you can deconfigure it right away. Everything that is needed for AFD is being kept. The documentation for that is here. Now you can finally start configuring AFD. The whitepaper from the MOS note mentioned at the beginning provides a good overview of what has to be done.

That is simply because there is no cluster at all at the moment. As a final configuration step you need to set the discovery string for AFD so that it can find the disks you want to use. The above steps need to be done on all servers of the future cluster. Now that AFD is configured, you can start labeling your disks. Do this on only one node:. Finally, you can start configuring your new cluster and use AFD disks right from the beginning.

Follow the steps and you will see the well-known screens for setting up a cluster. Nothing more to do.

oracle grid infrastructure 19c compatibility matrix

Beside creating more disk groups and setting up databases. Preface If you are running Oracle RAC, then configuring the shared storage is one of the main preinstallation tasks that needs to be done.

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Adding read,write permissions for group. Removing read,write,execute permissions for world.

Oracle Clusterware Version Compatibility

The execution of the script is complete. Now product-specific root actions will be performed. The wizard also supports silent operation, and the parameters can be passed through the response file that is available in the installation media. For the moment, we do not run any of these scripts. Configure Restart Configure Restart?Overview of Disk Group Compatibility.

Disk Group Compatibility Attributes. Setting Disk Group Compatibility Attributes. Advancing the disk group compatibility settings enables you to use the new Oracle ASM features that are available in a later release. For example, a disk group with the disk group compatibility attributes set to For information about the features enabled for combinations of compatibility attribute settings, refer to Table For example, if the Oracle ASM compatibility setting is For examples of valid combinations of compatible attribute settings, refer to Table The disk group compatibility settings determine whether your environment can use the latest Oracle ASM features.

The disk group compatibility settings can only be advanced; you cannot revert to a lower compatibility setting.

oracle grid infrastructure 19c compatibility matrix

For more information, refer to Reverting Disk Group Compatibility. ASM attribute must be advanced before advancing other disk group compatibility attributes and its value must be greater than or equal to the value of other disk group compatibility attributes. The disk group compatibility attributes specify the disk group compatibility settings for Oracle ASM and database instances. Starting with Oracle ASM version Other utilities, such as ASMCA, may use a different default value when creating a disk group; however, the minimum value for Oracle ASM disk group attributes should be the same.

This setting also affects the format of the data structures for the Oracle ASM metadata on the disk. RDBMS can be set to any value between The value must be set to ASM value must be Valid Combinations of Compatibility Attribute Settings.

Viewing Compatibility Attribute Settings. Reverting Disk Group Compatibility. Advancing the values for disk group compatibility attributes is an irreversible operation. See Reverting Disk Group Compatibility. When setting the values for the disk group attributes, specify at least the major and minor versions of a valid Oracle Database release number. For example, you can specify compatibility as Table shows some valid combinations of the disk group compatibility attributes and the valid Oracle ASM and database instance versions for each combination.In this part we do the real installation.

You have setup your linux machine 2. Made a clone and changed the hostname 3. Assigned IP addresses to Public and private interfaces 4. Click "OK" after all the root scripts are executed. Step Adding read,write permissions for group. Removing read,write,execute permissions for world. The execution of the script is complete. Now product-specific root actions will be performed.

ASM has been created and started successfully.

Oracle Database 19c new features and what users need to know

Successful addition of voting disk 5f2c49eeb35d4f71bfabfaa8cb9. Successful addition of voting disk 93dbea13c3be4f11bf14e05acfac. Oracle Certified professional with experience in working on Oracle Technologies. DBA to DA. A journey from Database Administrator to Data Administrator.

Run Root Scripts as in order. Logs of each can be found in the end of the blog page. Click Close and Complete the Installation. Next Prev Post. Previous Next Post.

No comments: Write comments. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Total Pageviews. Popular Posts Comments Category. In this blog I discuss from the part where you have setup your machine and ready to do your Linux configuration This is a 3 Blog Series an I have distributed this series into multiple You can download the latest In this blog I tell you, how do you specify, how to specify the settings for cluvfy run for -networks parameter. In this blog, I pickup from my last blog where I had done all the pre-reqs successfully.

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In this blog we will be doing the real upgradeFollow these guidelines when installing different releases of software on your cluster:. You cannot install a version of Oracle RAC that was released after the version of Oracle Clusterware that you run on the cluster. In other words:. Oracle Database 12 c requires Oracle Clusterware 12 c. If you have Oracle Clusterware 12 c installed as your clusterware, then you can have an Oracle Database 10 g release 1 However, you cannot have Oracle Clusterware 10 g release 2 You can install Oracle Database 11 g single-instance on a node in an Oracle Clusterware 10 g release 2 When using different Oracle ASM and Oracle Database releases, the functionality of each depends on the functionality of the earlier software release.

Set the compatible attributes of a disk group to the appropriate release of software in use. Oracle Automatic Storage Management Administrator's Guide for information about compatible attributes of disk groups. You can use different users for the Oracle Clusterware and Oracle database homes if they belong to the same primary group.

Oracle ASM is always the same version as Oracle Clusterware, which must be the same or higher release than that of the Oracle database. Oracle recommends that you do not run different cluster software on the same servers unless they are certified to work together. However, if you are adding Oracle RAC to servers that are part of a cluster, either migrate to Oracle Clusterware or ensure that:.

You have installed the correct options for Oracle Clusterware and the other vendor clusterware to work together. Oracle Grid Infrastructure Installation Guide for more version compatibility information.

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